Affiliate Businesses

Revere Capital Advisors LLC owns shares in a variety of businesses and financial services related companies.

Revere Merchant Securities LLC is a FINRA registered broker-dealer and is a member of SIPC.  Wholly owned by Revere Capital Advisors LLC, Revere Merchant Securities LLC provides investment advisory services and engages in the private placement of securities of its portfolio companies.

Revere holds a significant (30%) minority equity interest in Revere Securities LLC (Revere Securities), a broker-dealer.  Revere Securities, renamed in 2009 from Briarcliff Capital, was founded in 1983.  It is a FINRA registered broker-dealer and is a member of SIPC, MSRB and CTFC.

Revere has a minority equity interest (2%) in Statistical Research Laboratories (SRL), a specialist technology company providing cutting edge bespoke informational and data systems, which deliver investment control and management of financial assets. The cloud-based enterprise system, Nexus Platform, allows stakeholders and decision makers to monitor measure and manage their investments, both individually and in aggregate, across all asset classes and instrument types, regardless of whether the investments are managed in house or externally.